What is soil Charger technology.... Author By Mr. Ram Mukhekar Sir

What is soil Charger technology ....??   It is a technology which focus on strengthen the soil fertility and plant balanced nutrition support !! Developing plant resistance power against diseases !! By giving active and organic minerals support!! Focusing on Root networks & Leaf canopy development!! Very important project... we set platform 24 hour communication and guidance by experts and successful farmer through Whatsapp ,youtube & Facebook !! Also educate farmers ...whats scientific reasons behind every treatment !! By arranging farmers meet or seminar on farmer demand‼ It is a advance technology for organic farming giving results more in quantity and more in quality compareing with chemical practicing !! Bcos it chilate chemical fertilisers into organic and available form what earthworms , bacterias and humas did for thousands of years for healthy soil !! 30- 40 years back... Our grandfather at their times gives little chemical fertiliser to soil it give rocket yield in those days!! But in green revolution period we practicing only blind use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides methods ... increasing chemical portion slowly 10 % to 90 % and its results is deficiency & diseases !! And many problems!! You will be surprise... !! After knowing this that at the time of our grandfather..... Soil is very strong !! Full of nutrients! We simply sow the seed and crop grow naturally they directly did harvesting by giving only water many times it's nourish by rain !! Then what happens todays soil !! Soil is in denger !! It lost strengths and fertility capabilities !! Because of havey loss in organic carbon !! We only discharge its power and do not Recharge it Bcos of ignorance !! We tring to Recharge it by temporary or wrong sources !! You will be surprise Chemical fertilisers are just supplementary nutritions for plant !! One of the scientific research reveals the truth!! Carbon hydrogen and oxygen proportion in plant is 94% and thats why when you burn plant ...remain s only ash or coal ..what is it ?? It is a carbon !! 2 If we have 94 % proportion is only three elements and we investing only on (NPK , cal mag sulphur and 7 Miconutrients all 13 ) these minerals which hv only 6 % percent importance !! That is the main tragedy of our days !! Farmers expenses is 90 % on 13 minerals which hv 6 % importance and farmer hv not even awareness about there farm need 94 % focus or feeding for three elements.. Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen!! All agricultural system was misprogrammed in such way...to becomes plant dependent on chemical fertiliser and pesticides !! This is our misfortune !! Unfortunately most of Our advisors are our suckers !!They totally guide us in the favour of big marketing machine !! So take a long breath and understand the situation... Plant needs 94 % feeding in the source of these three elements..C O H !! Our old generation knows it verywell whether they are not educated in terns of our perception‼ They use to feed only... cow dung or FYM and organic manure!! Those domestic animals feeding freely in jungles!! ( forest ) where OC measured by 12-18% !! They forward it through cattle feeding by their dung!! That is why we also experienced ...into untouched forest all fruit trees are growing fruits every year continuously with no fertiliser no cultivation or even nobody was Watering it !! Reason is high percentage OC ( organic carbon)!! Means OC is key factor for healthy soil !! 12-18% means very big thing Bcos... those days our farming Soil had 3-4 % of carbon !! Today if you compare the percentage you will be shocked... Do ur farms soils authentic test and you will be surprise.. its plus minus as equal to deserts percentage !! Means we are doing farming in deserts soil that is why we are facing tremendous problems !! Through soil Charger technology... we are offering natural solutions!! How... Laks of acer forest along with all creatures... during volcanoes and year of raining buried deep into soil and it transform into humus due to pressure , temperature and time !! Our scientists research patented formula to convert it liquid from solid !! 3 We are adding more researches and making team of natural sources of all essential minerals 16-18 in organic form for every stage of plants life cycle!! In brief... For soil conditioning , chilation and nutrition support!!