Bacteria are the soul of agriculture

Friends.. Bacteria are the soul of agriculture ...‼ This statement is confusing, and it is because of this confusion that millions of farmers are working hard in the name of organic farming.‼ Do not make a comment right away and read the entire article so as not to get irritated in your opinion, then comment.‼ Ever since I read the 2016 Agrovan Current Letter that the spirit of agriculture is organic curb, I have been studying it deeply. Bacteria produce and grow only when they have food and food is either Organic Carbon or Humus. Now look at this... If you want to collect ants, what will you do if you are looking for them to add sugar, they will automatically come into the soil to increase their livestock feed.‼ To date, bacterial slurry has been spreading. They should study whether our ancestors mentioned where Rishi Munnini is or has been researched by a scientist.‼ Note ... Only if the farmers are free from tension, will their confidence grow and their ability to understand the right wrong. That is, the ability to think abstractly. In The agricultural importance of earthworms and bacteria is unique. But making it out of the soil and leaving it in the soil is like giving birth to a test tube baby, which is a huge cost and temporary benefit for farmers. Therefore, the farmer is stuck to it like a working bull . I imagine that I am doing good to the community through organic farming‼ Friends When did your grandparents slurry ❓ They used to make  very nutritious food grains. Most recently in 1980, only 29 years ago. What a joy in the village, how much satisfaction, the farmers celebrated all the festivals.At that time, for the thousands of years, successful farming was done with the help of the native peasants in forest ‼ The classical reason for this is that the organic curb of the forest was 10% ahead and the dung from the pasture contained 5-6% organic curb, but look at today's situation either the grasshopper is countable and the fodder is such that the soil contains 1% of the organic curb. Is below. Tell. The amount of dung produced from it will be able to nourish these bacteria. Therefore, when slurring, you have to add jaggery and gram dal seeds, food for bacteria .‼ Of course, because of wrong fertilizer management, the land was infertile . So what has happened in recent 30-40 years. You know. There is a need to increase the organic curb of the soil but we are stuck in the bacterial growth .... Friends Bacterial conservation is a very complicated matter. According to scientists who study bacteria, there are about 25,000 species of bacteria. About 200 of them have been identified In a lab controlled environment, there is often an increase in unwanted bacteria, and how safe it is for farmers to grow bacteria in the field. ☝ Friends ... Therefore, when we have done many experiments on this, it is clear that if earthworm grows in the soil, then the bacteria will grow faster.‼ Of course, if you improve the organic curb management of the berries, the growth of the bacteria will happen automatically.‼ When asked if the difference between organic farming and biological farming they are dependent or independent, they have no clear idea of what is and is often a successful farmer ... but confusion and the practice of farming only on trial and error. It is unfortunate to say conservative that good luck.Trial and error are fine for a while, but 25-30 years ...No it's not right.‼ Farmers need confidence-boosting techniques Slip in the dark is dangerous for the future ...‼ Thousands of acres of pomegranates and other garden also flourished in the same darkness.‼ When time to failed a garden, farmers come to the Soil Charger technology as the last option, and within a one to two years, it is the organic curb management that keeps farmers in the ranks of progressive farmers. Farmers are busy working to feed the oxen. We are also farmers, so we have found that there is no time left for other parts of life.‼ But now this picture is changing Soil Charger Technology user farmer has a beautiful example - we are all happy and satisfied.‼ Marketing Organizers promote organic Articles Editing Your Articles and Posting their Own Interesting Points They note that you will copy and paste information, but where the passion for farmers and farming is concerned.‼ It does not require hypocrisy to speak with authority, which can be achieved only by selfless endeavors on a 12 year peasant dam.‼ Soil Charger Technology is the offering of that stereotype. We are forever grateful to the farmers and God. We are careful not to edit our articles are registered.‼